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Introducing Customer Reactivation

When You Book A Service Call

We’ll Notify Your Old Customers that are nearby to get them re-engaged
Turn One Job into Two

Empty Schedule?

We’ll Message Past Customers who are not on a Service Contract.
And Fill Your Schedule

How Does It Work

When you book an HVAC service call OR have a large opening in your schedule

We’ll build a list of your customers that are within a few minutes drive

We’ll send text messages asking if they want to have HVAC Services.

We’ll book the job for you with that customer

and then … you just run the job

PAY PER JOB with Phenomenal ROI

Say goodbye to costly ad expenses and monthly management fees! Our program is PAY PER JOB, meaning you only pay for confirmed appointments. A nominal setup fee applies, but we prioritize delivering results and maximizing your return on investment.

One of our Junk Removal client saw a boost of 51 jobs in just one month with an impressive ROI of 11.3 to 1. That means for every $1 he spent with us on the program he made back $11.30.


See Our Work in Action: See Examples!

Want More Info?

  • We’ll build the campaign around short driving distances and your capacity to do more jobs that day as well as discounts to motivate customers
  • An easy to use dashboard is provided so you can see performance stats and which customers have been contacted and the messages back and forth.
  • These regular polite touch points help you stay on the top of your clients mind (even if they don’t book when we reach out).
  • Cancellation rate is much lower because your existing customers already know and like you and know how it works.
  • Running this program also keeps your customer list clean which optimizing further marketing campaigns (avoiding folks that have moved as example)
  • Those who request that we do not contact them further via text message will be put on a permanent blacklist.
  • (optional) Facebook and Email enable your campaign to SUPER CHARGE results!

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